Gadda in Abruzzo

  • Year: 2004
  • Category: Theatre, Direction
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An evening in honor of Carlo Emilio Gadda, seventy years after his stay in Abruzzo as an “envoy”.

The wonderful setting of the theatre San Filippo in L’Aquila gives the opportunity to evoke the charm of that man, his stylistic mastery as a writer.

Director’s notes.

An actor, in an ideal salon, retraces with his reading some passages of Gadda’s novels; behind him, the fascinating marble altar of what was a church, witnesses the past time.

A time, that of Gadda, remembered by vintage movie clips from Istituto LUCE, that ideally flow on this precious backdrop. The voice of a rediscovered announcer of the EIAR with her enthusiasm, its bellies and its attitudes, leads us into the words of a past era. With the harmony of the sounds of a solitary pianist and the ringing notes of a soprano, we approach emotionally to touch the feelings of a man who, with his sensitivity and culture, has lived and built a very important period of his life in such a strong and proudly living region like Abruzzo.