Before Silence


Before Silence
by Giuseppe Patroni Griffi
directed by Fabio Grossi
starring Leo Gullotta
and Eugenio Franceschini
Sergio Mascherpa and Andrea Giuliano
special appearance
Paola Gassman
video Luca Scarzella
music Germano Mazzocchetti
light design Umile Vainieri
scenic resolution Luca Filaci
audio design Franco Patimo
assistant director Mimmo Verdesca


Written in 1979 by Peppino Patroni Griffi for Romolo Valli, Before Silence is a still alive text for themes and concept. The protagonist is an intellectual who lives a social discomfort linked mainly to the communication of the written word, of Poetry. His is a labor that takes on the features of a nightmare, with the appearance of the ghosts of his life: the family (the Wife) as a voracious and blackmailing entity; the caste (the Son) with his little-bourgeois trappings; the duty (the Waiter) that forces and castrates. The only events that calm the protagonist are the ones he lives, at the same time, with the Boy.